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Nontraditional Relationships Intensive for Helping Professionals

This one-day workshop intensive is designed to give helping professionals the information they need to meet the needs of individuals participating in or interested in open relationships, polyamory, nonmonogamy and swinging. Take one or both workshops as suits your needs. Learn more about our presenters here.

9:30am: Registration

10am: Morning SessionClinical Issues in Open Relationships
Presented by MacKenzie Stuart, MA, MFT
Whether we work in community mental health or in private practice, more and more clients in nontraditional relationships are crossing our paths. This workshop will help you gain the cross-cultural competence you need to to understand the vocabulary and structure of open relationships, polyamory, nonmonogamy, and swinging so when a client walks in the door you can hit the ground running instead of getting bogged down in the details. Join MacKenzie as she walks you through clinical issues, case conceptualization, and common pitfalls you might encounter working with this diverse population. After this workshop, you'll be prepared to specifically discuss how to work with clients on jealousy and boundary issues during the second session.

12pm: Brown bag lunch break and registration for the afternoon session

1pm: Afternoon Session: Jealousy and Boundaries in Non-Monogamy
Presented by Pepper Mint and Jen Day
Now that you have the basics down about nonmonogamy in the room, come learn practical interventions for use with your clients. Any relationship can raise lots of questions, but non-monogamy (such as polyamory or open relationships) adds a whole new level of complexity. You will likely encounter clients who are in the process of opening their relationships, which usually involves a highly sensitive series of compromises. Similarly, many open relationship clients have trouble with jealousy, with balancing multiple commitments, or with coming out into new non-monogamous social arena. Pepper and Jen will talk about helping clients negotiate boundaries around nonmonogamy, exploring and managing jealousy, practical interventions for handling social situations, and BDSM-specific concerns, among other subjects.

3pm: Departure

Photo of MacKenzie

Photo of Pepper and Jen